Coordinates: 41˚39’42” N, 71˚26’42” W
Monitoring Marine VHF Ch. 68


Boats of all shapes and sizes dock at East Greenwich Marina, but you may hear people talk about powerboats: perhaps the boat you just went fishing or took a pleasure cruise on, your boss bragging about his, etc. A powerboat can mean different things to different people, so let’s try to define it as best we can:

The National Safe Boating Council calls it any kind of a boat with an engine, be it a small boat with a low-power outboard engine designed for no more than two people (and the fish you just caught), a houseboat, or a cruiser on which you can invite family and friends for a sunny, peaceful afternoon on Narragansett Bay.

Some common varieties of powerboats, from small to large, include:

SKIFF (sometimes known as Jon boats): Made for shallow water, 10 to 25 feet in length, with an outboard engine. They’re perfect for the novice boater who doesn’t want to stray too far into open water or a fisherman on a river.

MULTISPECIES BOAT: If you’re a fisherman ready for a slightly larger boat with a bigger hull that can handle somewhat rougher waters, this is the boat for you.

JET BOATS: When you want big performance in a small package (under 25 feet), it’s a great way to feel the power in shallow waters.

BOWRIDER: A nice choice if you’re asking for a little more out of your boat, such as higher performance or a base for family activities. They’re up to 30 feet long, with forward seating and outboard or stern engines.

SKI/WAKEBOARD BOATS: For the athletes, like water skiers or wakeboarders, who want their boats to kick up a little action whatever Mother Nature happens to be providing them. They have subtle differences, however; because of the power and wake they generate, please be considerate of other boaters nearby.

CABIN CRUISER: A larger boat one would take out on the bay or for an overnight excursion (or even spend a weekend on in dock). They can run 25 to 45 feet in length, big enough for a small galley, sleeping berths, and an enclosed head.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE BOATS: These are the bosses of the bay. Not for everyone’s bank account (or taste), these boats offer size, speed, and as many amenities as you can pack into 25 to 60 feet. Whether it’s a party, an upscale fishing trip, or simply high performance on the open water, you can master the deep blue domain from your control console.

Whether you’re looking to park one of these for dinner on the waterfront, or for the night, week or season, East Greenwich Marina offers 85-plus slips on floating docks with space for boats of up to 85 feet, enabling your craft to feel at home on the water even when you’re on dry land.